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How Can You Sell Your Test Strips For Cash?

Diabetes is one of the health conditions that need constant monitoring. Almost every diabetic needs a kit to test their blood sugar. Many receive or buy the supplies of a number of test strip brands and after determining their favorite, dispose or store the ones they don’t use. The relatively short shelf life of test strip means that one has to deal with a pile of boxes which they don’t need and have to get rid of somehow. Frequently, this implies that they get rid of the boxes which have good test strips in the trash. This is wrong since the strips are expensive.

There are many people who because of the fixed or low incomes, or those without insurance to purchase such strips, cannot buy them because of their cost. There are many companies that sell these strips to such people and you can participate in this. In the event you have additional diabetic test strips which are unopened and not expired you call sell them for cash instead of discarding them.

Most people living with diabetics are wise enough to store the test strips if they run low. Before they know it, they have more boxes than they need. In case you receive the strips often, you might observe that the additional ones are beginning to pile up. The possibility is high that you are not utilizing them as much as you used to. You could have moved to another brand but still many from the previous brand. Maybe you used the test strips when you were pregnant but don’t need them anymore. Or maybe, a family member died or was taken into a medical care residence which now provides them with such supplies such that you have more test strips than you need. Whatever the case, you might still have some test strips which are in good condition to sell.

Any individual can buy test strips even if they lack a prescription. As long as you are the one who bought the test strips, you are free to sell them.So long as you personally bought the test strips, you are free to sell them. However, you need to think of some things. For instance, there are some brands which have a low demand. In case you purchased your test strips from Medicare, you cannot resell them. In case the test strips are damaged or expired, you cannot sell them. But, in the event you have a brand whose demand is high and the strips are in great condition and have a minimum of six months to their expiry date, then you can get a fairly good price on them.

Look for a buyer who gives you the best price for your test strips and also one who can send the payment quickly.

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